Investment Advice

InvestmentsAt Gillian Madden Financial Services,  you will provided with a range of options to meet your risk appetite, investment preferences and time-frame.

With access to a wide range of investment managers, you can be sure you are getting the best investment  available on the market.

Each investment will be individually tailored to suit your investment experience, savings ability and future needs.

We will start with finding out about you and your investment goals:

-how long you want to invest for

-what is the money required for

-have you provided for short / medium / long term financial needs

Your capacity to withstand risk is then evaluated. The evaluation takes into account your income, expenses, assets and liabilities, and your flexibility.  We will also look at your own risk preference.

Investments Tailored to your needs.

Only after this process is completed will we start to talk about what sort of investments are suitable to your needs. You may divide your investments into short / medium / long term; you should provide for emergency funds; you should also get appropriate diversification. This means we aim to spread your investments across asset classes, investment managers and strategies which increases the likelihood of successfully achieving your desired outcome.

Information that allows you to decide.

As part of our goals, we aim to ensure we provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of any product before they invest in it.  As a qualified financial advisor, Gillian will educate and inform clients to ensure they understand all potential risks as well as the associated returns.

We also aim to keep costs down as low as possible and be as transparent as possible in all our dealings.  Along with this we will seek to invest in products which suit the clients tax situation, be that DIRT, Income or Capital Gains Tax.  Thereby allowing for greater tax savings and better overall return on investment.

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