Gillian Madden Financial Adviser CavanGillian Madden has worked in Financial Services for almost 30 years.  During that time she has worked with some of the leading financial institutions in Ireland. She has managed Portfolios of SME’s, Small Corporates and wealthy individuals throughout the Midlands and North East.

She understands the impact financial security has on individuals, family units and businesses. Through supporting businesses and individuals, she is well placed to advise on financial planning. This can cover anything from protecting what they currently hold dear, to ensuring their future is secure.

Everyone’s view of financial security is different, therefore the Financial Planning Approach is recommended to understand their main financial priorities. This can include education, savings, property, business, lifestyle or all of the above! Gillian will provide her clients with a clear understanding of where they are now and what is possible. She will also discuss what needs to be done to make it happen. She will follow this up with regular reviews, depending on the client’s needs. This will ensure that as life happens, her clients financial plans keep pace with it and remain relevant.

Gillian has also recently graduated with a Masters (Hons) in Financial Services from UCD, where she also completed her degree in 1996.  She was also recently awarded Chartered Banker Status, which is the highest award in Banking and is internationally recognised. Gillian is also a Qualified Financial Advisor, among other qualifications.


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